Winter Foliage

Here is another arrangment featuring some ice branches, berries and artificial pine.  It’s mostly artificial and I picked everything up at a local wholesale florist outlet.  I collected these items over the years looking for the good materials on sale.   Look for wholesale florist places (or just ask your florist) to find good artificial foliage to use in your arrangements.  You can store these (wrapped in tissue) in large Rubbermaid bins.   This particular arrangement was supplemented with some pretty sticks I found in our yard.  

Did you see the little bird? Here is a close up:

(all photos by George Cavanaugh)

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6 Responses to Winter Foliage

  1. disneypal says:

    Ooohh – that is really nice!

  2. Kelly says:

    Such a pretty arrangement. I would never be able to do that, I just don’t have the eye for all the different supplies and what goes together.


    • Peggy says:

      Kelly, you would be surprised at what you might create. Just try. Start with maybe something from outside (free is better than cheap) . Choose a container, for really cheap you might have just a jar you like . Begin with your taller pieces in the middle and go from there. I like deep containers because I will not need oasis.

  3. Pat Nordmark says:

    It’s lovely. The bird is perfect.

  4. Gorgeous, and so elegant! I feel like artificial arrangements are so easy to ruin; they can look tacky if not done right. This one is so simple and beautiful!

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