The tablescape in my den

Three simple elements make a lovely tablescape.   I would rather choose a few nicer objects carefully than have too many things all together.  Think about using different heights. Although rules are often made to be broken, groups of three are often successful.

A great lamp will always make the space more cozy.  The mirror reflects the light cheering the space. You can see something reflected in the mirror; I’ll show you that tomorrow.


(photo by George Cavanaugh)

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2 Responses to The tablescape in my den

  1. Mary says:

    Where can I find a lamp like that? Or a great knock off if that one is expensive?

  2. Peggy says:

    This lamp I found in an antique shop in Athens,Tenn. called Piedmont. But if I am looking for a lamp I would not be in a hurry. I was helping a friend recently and found just the perfect one in Marshall’s. T.J. Maxx has great buys at times so just keep looking until you find something that really fits your space.

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