Using a camera to “see” your spaces with a different eye

After showing my baker’s rack, I was surprised to see that I wasn’t happy with the picture. I felt like it looked too bare!

I discussed this with a friend. Her daughter was asking what dress she should wear to a special Christmas event. My friend used her phone to snap a picture of the different dresses she was considering and it was easy for her daughter to make the right choice.

It’s easy to take a quick picture and it’s interesting how you’ll feel like you are seeing your space for the first time.

I tweaked the baker’s rack; can you spot the differences? I’m still not happy with it and will probably add a small fern on top of the books. This picture also shows the complete left side of my den.

We are still snow bound and we are thankful that we still have power.

(photo by George Cavanaugh)

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5 Responses to Using a camera to “see” your spaces with a different eye

  1. Kelly says:

    Love that rack. We looked for a large one for months before finally going a different route so I am super jealous.


  2. Raven says:

    Beautiful work Peggy!

  3. I do the same take a photo trick. It helps me notice the mess more (sometimes my eye just goes right over my own clutter) and figure out what should be added or taken away. Love your wall clock btw

  4. Pat Nordmark says:

    Back when they made cameras that you could actually look through, I used them when designing quilts to look at the pieces up on the design wall. Now I use binoculars backwards to get some distance.

    It is handy to take several digital pics of different arrangements, and then compare to see which works best. And I love your room.

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