A guest post written by my friend Mary

I’ve known Peggy for at least ten years. I met her at church and my jaw dropped the first time I saw her house. Everything was gorgeous and of course, I thought it had been made to look nice for company. When I complimented her on how nice it looked, she thanked me and offered to help me with my decorating. We became good friends and every time I’ve dropped by her place, it looks like it’s ready for a magazine cover.

I help her with technical details on this blog so I’ve been over a lot lately. I finally just had to ask her how she manages to keep her home so clean and orderly. What she taught me follows …

My inspiration for order in my home comes from the Creator. Creation has order. For example, you see the phases of the moon and the tides in the sea. We have four seasons that come and go more or less on schedule year after year. From that, I learned to have routines in my home.

Starting with the idea that I start today to make a better tomorrow, I go by the general principle “Do not put off for tomorrow what you can do today.”

Here are three basic rules I use to make my space more comfortable.

  1. Living room: Before going to bed, pick up your living space (den, great room). Straighten the pillows on the sofa and chairs. Then you are ready to begin your day already ahead in this room.
  2. Kitchen: Leave nothing in your sink over night; clean the sink and wipe it dry. I do not like clutter on my counters. Everything should be put away and the cabinet doors should be closed.
  3. Bedroom: Hang your clothes from today and straighten the bedroom before retiring.

The next morning all you have to do is make your bed as soon as you get up. That shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes. Your house is clean and neat.

Repeat everything you did the night before in your kitchen and bathroom after you are done getting ready for the day.

This will put you on the road to saving yourself time and having a straighter house. You will feel better and I promise you that you will have more energy ….

I put her ideas to work in my own house this evening. I still need to dust and vacuum but I made sure everything was put up and straightened. We will go to bed tonight in an orderly home. When I wake, I’ll make my bed and then shower and dress. I realized she’s right. Anything I tackle after that will feel more like a decorating project even though I’ll need to run the vacuum and dust the great room. It won’t feel so overwhelming since everything has been picked up.

Peggy – your’re a genius!

(photo by George Cavanaugh taken in Peggy’s living room)

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3 Responses to A guest post written by my friend Mary

  1. Katherine Wilson says:

    I look forward to these posts everyday…….kw

  2. Peggy says:

    Thank you . You made my day!

  3. Mary Campbel Harris says:

    THis rustic angel looks great in yuor house i hope to see more beautiful pieces. Blogging is so so fun!

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