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A reader wrote:

I love the blog! For someone like me…30 something, 2 small children, and in a very small house with limited space, the decorating tips are perfect. I don’t have an “eye” for decor. Most of my home is filled with coffee table books, picture frames (tons of picture frames), lamps, candles and dusty artificial plants. BORING! What other items can I use or should I be looking for to give the house a more elegant and tasteful appearance?

What a great comment you left today. Thanks for visiting. You should be a writer!!

I would love to offer a few suggestions. Take every accessory out of the room. If you like your artificial arrangement, take it to the sink and give it a good washing. You might like it in another space in your living room or maybe in your bedroom. Now that you decluttered, start by adding one thing at a time back and see what you like.

I know with the children you have lots of framed pictures (I do too of the grandchildren). Maybe put some away for awhile or just move them to a different spot. Also if your living room is small, think about adding a bookcase as high as you can use in the room. This could be an unpainted piece that you could paint the color you choose (maybe even the color of your walls). This would be a great spot for things, like your pictures, a plant, something decorative, etc. Soon I will be featuring bookcases on the blog so keep looking.

Please continue to leave your questions, comments and decorating tips. This will also help other girls just like you with children and small spaces.

PS. Add as much height as you can to your room. It will look larger. You have the best bones to start with – books, framed pictures, and lamps.

(photo by George Cavanaugh taken in Peggy’s foyer)

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  1. Sharon says:

    I love the bowl and the texture of the glass balls. The colors are so delightful to view in the reflection and real life. You have some wonderful ideas. Thanks for sharing them.

    • Peggy says:

      I’m glad you liked the glass balls. They are hand blown and I’ve collected them over the years. There are some more ideas coming up and I hope you’ll come back soon.

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