“… this is the place of repose …” from Isaiah 28:12

(photo by George Cavanaugh taken in Peggy’s living room)

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4 Responses to Repose

  1. Mary Campbel Harris says:

    I lov ur house!

  2. Debra Harris says:

    What beautiful rooms!

  3. debbie klausing says:

    I am excited about your blog Peggy, but even more excited about the book titles on your shelves and the scripture quotes. You inspire in many ways! Please keep it going-I like your style. Wish you were in my neighborhood. I have been thinking that I need to get a fern, and now I see it pictured with a lamp similar to mine. I also have a collection of blown glass ornaments/balls. Love all the pictures-good photography! Thanks! Debbie

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