Peeking in to see a shelf

My space is too small to leave the doors of this secretary open which I think can be interesting, especially if you have a collection you like to show or just beautiful books. My shelves are filled with both. Inside the doors is a creche, leather bound books, photos and a special gift from one of my brothers. He bought it on a trip to Germany.

Look at how much you can do with just a few books and a figurine!

Tomorrow I’ll show you the table next to the secretary before backing up for the reveal of this corner.

Also we just heard of the neatest thing (it won the Invention Prize in Japan) … this is a slightly rough, very thin washcloth that is long enough to reach across your back! My friend Mary tried it this morning and said it was the best shower ever! It scrubs every inch of your back and neck; you can put some shower gel on it and lather up! Now I want one!
Salux Nylon Japanese Beauty Skin Bath Wash Cloth/Towel – White

(photo by George Cavanaugh)

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3 Responses to Peeking in to see a shelf

  1. Katherine Wilson says:

    I have got to have several of those Salux Nylon etc Bath Wash Cloth/Towel……what a great idea and what a difference one small item can make……I am a friend of Peggy’s and have seen the last 5 homes she has lived in…..each one reflected her God given talent…..I still learn from her…

  2. Mary says:

    Our gift budget is way down and it just occurred to me that these will make great (and cough-cough) inexpensive gifts. I know my daughters and my sons’ girlfriends will love them!!

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