Hurricane Lamps

I love the comments and the questions! Mary, a reader, left a comment asking where I got the hurricane lamps on my fireplace. I found them at the Mikasa outlet at Pigeon Forge, Tennessee years ago. I placed them on top of wooden trivets.

You see the detail of the trivet at the bottom of the lamp.

This is a close up of the trivet in case you want to search for something similar.

Pottery Barn has some great ones here; they are a good bit taller than mine which I think would work even better in that space.

Amazon also has shades that are 14″ tall (the same height as the ones on my fireplace).

(photos of Peggy’s hurricane lamps by George Cavanaugh)

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2 Responses to Hurricane Lamps

  1. Mary says:

    Peggy, thank you for the reply! I’m searching for pretty wooden trivets like yours but no luck so far. You have a great eye for proportion and fit. I’m really enjoying your blog and look forward to your next installment!

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