A cheery breakfast table

photo by George Cavanaugh

The table is five feet wide and I wasn’t even going to try to fit it into this breakfast nook when we bought the townhome. My sister, Susan, encouraged me to just try and it works! It’s shown with six chairs but I can fit eight when we need a few extra seats.

The bowl is another pottery find from France that I got from my daughter Bliss. She used to own an antique store in Charleston. It’s 18 inches across and glazed inside.

When you place your chairs around the table, consider pulling them away from the table at least six inches or so. I often pull the chair closest to the open area out at a 45 degree angle. This looks more inviting to me than pushing the chairs straight up to the table.

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4 Responses to A cheery breakfast table

  1. cynthia says:

    Love your table and the breakfast nook. Especially like that your chandelier is centered over the table. Mine is not and I hate that. One of these days I will have to have it moved. Thanks for the tip about the chairs.

    • You know Cynthia, sometime it works if you use a huge arrangement or large basket with fruit, green plant just something that draws your attention away from the off-centered light. Peggy

  2. Pat Nordmark says:

    What a nice place for a meal. Beautiful.

  3. Pat, I like your comments and I know I would like you!

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