Saving the couch …

My friend, Mary, has a fairly large home but it only has 5 rooms. Three of them are bedrooms. That means there is one great room and no other place to live together as a family. She has grandchildren who visit often and one is a baby. She wants everyone to enjoy sitting on the couch and that includes eating popcorn on movie night! She had the couch recovered several years ago. We were talking about how to keep the couch looking nice while still enjoying visits from all the kids. This was a casual shot taken while one of the kids was visiting.

After reading about people using painters’ drop cloths for inexpensive decorating projects and seeing how Ana White used them for curtains, we thought about trying to cover the couch with one.

She bought this 9′ x 12′ canvas drop cloth and we placed it over the couch tucking it into the back and sides of the bottom cushion. It fit perfectly! We didn’t have to cut the cloth and it covers the front and back of the couch. After the kids leave, she can take it off, wash it if necessary and fold it up for their next visit. The canvas is heavy enough to protect the couch from spills. It only took a couple of minutes to spread the canvas cloth over the couch and tuck it in. She feels this is a solution that is going to work until the kids get older or they get a family room!

Here’s how it looked after we finished:

If you have any tips for keeping rooms looking good while enjoying life with kids and pets, please share them in the comments!
(all photos by George Cavanaugh)

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4 Responses to Saving the couch …

  1. Pat Nordmark says:

    What a great idea. Grandkids can be pretty rough on upholstery, LOL.

    • Peggy says:

      Look forward to your comments! Do you have small grandchildren who visit? This is going to work for Mary because she has 5 still young enough to be up with their feet on the sofa.

  2. luba says:

    It would have looked better if the cover was ironed out first.

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