Making over a fireplace

My daughter Bliss bought an older house and was unhappy with the fireplace. The combination of older brick, beige wall to wall carpet and the brass screen dated this space. The windows were also bare. It made the room feel cold and she didn’t have any privacy. This before picture was taken while the house was on the market.

She greatly improved the space bringing the fireplace more into the room’s new decor. First she painted the walls and the fireplace to match the walls. She took out the carpet and installed hardwood floors. White blinds were added to windows. The fireplace was accessorized with plants and a painting. Finally she added a nice seagrass rug. It’s a working fireplace and there’s usually a fire burning brightly!

Do you have a fireplace you are proud of? Or do you have some tips you’d like to share in the comments? I’d love to see your pictures (my email address is on the contact page).

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