Setting the table for a dinner party

There is much to write about today. Clayton and I are having two couples over for dinner tonight. I love to set the table for a nice dinner and I start a day or two before the event. First, I played with a French country setting using our casual china.

but decided on this more formal setting.

Since Valentine’s Day is in the air, I loved the way these two papier mache love birds looked together.

I can’t remember where I found them; I picked them up a few years ago and they were very inexpensive. You can find instructions to make something similar at Oh So Crafty. The writer called her project a fail, but I thought her bird was charming. The berries were snipped from a Nandina plant in a friend’s yard.

We are having chicken breasts with leeks and mushrooms and basamati rice. I found this originally in Elizabeth Terry’s Savannah Seasons. This cookbook is full of recipes from the restaurant “Elizabeth’s on 37th” in Savannah. Everything we have tried from her book has been a hit and her recipes are easy to prepare. If you pick up this book, don’t miss both pie crust recipes!

Finally does anyone recognize the crystal pattern in the casual setting? Here’s a closer look at the detail. I can’t remember what it is!

(photos by George Cavanaugh)

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9 Responses to Setting the table for a dinner party

  1. Peggy L says:

    Pretty table setting!!!

  2. Mary says:

    Both table settings are beautiful! You must reveal your dining room – already I am intrigued by what I can see!

  3. That is a beautiful table. I think the South is very elegant. More than California that’s for sure! I love the blue plates in the “casual setting”. Who are they made by?

    • Peggy says:

      The china for the casual stting is by SPODE, the Blue Room Collection. First made in 1830 in England. It is available in gift shoppes and most places that sell china. It is not expensive. I have really enjoyed mine as it can be used in most any setting……..breakfast, luncheons or dinner. Peggy

  4. Allison says:

    Both table settings are just beautiful. And, I’ll have to look into the cookbook you mentioned in your post. Thank you for sharing that as well. Enjoy your dinner and company!

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