Winter foliage

We talked about using foliage from your yard back a few weeks ago. I cut berries from this foliage to use on my table for company the other night and this greenery was left over. I just stuck it in a simple clear vase.

Here’s a challenge! Go outside, find something green to cut and put it in a container placing it where you can enjoy it. We’d love to see a picture that we can share (peggy dot causby at yahoo dot com) or hear a description in the comments.

(photo by George Cavanaugh)

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4 Responses to Winter foliage

  1. Pat Nordmark says:

    My mom loves arranging flowers, so we pick up a little bouquet for her every couple of weeks, and she has me go out in the yard and cut half a dozen fern fronds for her to use in the arrangement. Our cats then have fun pulling some of the flowers and fronds out onto the table. Mom scolds them and puts them back. At age 90, she still has a good time, LOL.

  2. uh-oh.. I don’t have any thing “green” to cut! Hmm… maybe I could go to the park and sneak some out. hehe.

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