February gardening and plants

Mary has been asking me about the plants in her yard and home. This is a new interest to her now that she’s retired. She wants to make sure she plants and fertilizes at the right times. She showed me this book, Mid-South Garden Guide, which she received as a gift. Looking through it, I can see that it offers great advice for our region of the south.

Don’t forget if you have English boxwoods, they need feeding right now. Combine 6 parts Milorganite, 2 parts bone meal, and 2 parts cottonseed meal together. Sprinkle it over the root area and a little beyond the branches. Don’t scratch it in because you could damage the shallow roots. You should also use lime occasionally.

February is also a time to cut branches of forsythia that are about to bloom and place them in water in a sunny window. This will force the blooms that can be enjoyed indoors.

Houseplants can also often use misting at this time of the year when the heat is on.

(photo by George Cavanaugh taken in Peggy’s front yard)

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